I have been working in the Telecomm Business for 38 years. Retired From Verizon, worked for Cingular, AT&T, US Government, NYC Government and Vonage. I am in need of a change, I can do almost anything, but I must feel useful and have fun.

Here is my back ground, read it over have a laugh, But if you need someone like me do not wait call today.




VONAGE/Business Analyst LNP/Standards and Compliance
2006 to Present
In my current position I am responsible for Metrics design and implementation, process analysis and improvement, new process design and implementation as it relates to “number portability”, customer service care centers and regulatory compliance in the Vonage call centers, vendors call centers and the Vonage LNP department. I am responsible for reports analysis for customer satisfaction, quality, compliance and productivity. My team monitors incoming calls to the vendor’s sites for quality and accuracy. I participate in the training design and delivery for the call centers, LNP department and vendor sites I am Vonage’s representative to industry standards bodies and VOIP related forums. I interface with various CLECs, Service Bureaus, Regulatory Bodies and Standards Organizations to define, create and implement standard provisioning processes related to Local Number Portability and VOIP services.

VONAGE/Manager LNP Operation
May 2006 – Nov 2006
As the LNP Manger I was responsible for the daily operation of the Vonage’s VOIP Local Number Portability department. I was responsible for training, staffing, scheduling and budgeting for the department. I was also responsible for keeping the knowledge base current and in sync with LNP operations. I created benchmarking reports, action plans and new process documentation. I was responsible for creating a plan to reduce order back log in excess of 70K orders dating back more than a year, bringing it down to less than 5% completed in more than 30 days, 80% complete in less than 10 days.

COMPUTER GENERATED SOLUTIONS/Consultant – Telecommunications
2004 – 2006
Work as a contactor for a Solutions Firm. Developed and delivered training to Call Centers and various levels of management, conducted train the trainer sessions related to mergers, new products, and process implementation in the telecommunications industry. I worked with wireless and wireline companies to evaluate system requirements and process improvements. Worked with AT&T, Cingular, Verizon, The City of New York.

Verizon/Wholesale Network Services/ Director Wholesale Trouble Administration
• I was responsible for 3 centers Located in New Jersey and Richmond Va.. There were approximately 225 people reporting to me. They consisted of Union and management employees.
• The centers were the central point of contact for CLEC and Reseller customers for reporting network troubles, upgrading equipment and limited new service ordering.
• I was responsible for the daily centers operations, interfacing with customer, resolving customer escalations, generating reports, customer satisfaction planning and presenting data to various regulatory entities.

VERIZON/Wholesale Network Services
2000 – 2002 Senior Program/Project Manager
• Was responsible for supporting the provisioning and Trouble Administration systems used by the CLEC community and internal to Verizon. Gathering user requirement, holding customer support sessions, and project managing system enhancements
• Developed and gathered system requirements when new products or services were introduced, project managed implementation and testing of upgrades and developed external training materials for users.
• Responsible for staffing and operation of the help desk for the 3 regional CLEC work centers, developing training materials and presenting training to the management and associates in the regional trouble administrations centers.
• Hosting customer meetings.
• Resolving customer escalation reports.
• Project managed other key systems enhancements and upgrades.
• Developed industry standards documents, training aids, and ISO certification documentation.
• Was the National Chairperson for Trouble Administration Standards – ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Standards), and the liaison to T1M1 for Trouble Administration.
• Was also responsible for time and labor reporting, load balancing and scheduling of management and associate employees. Other responsibilities also included resolving union grievances, administering corporate policies and sitting on advisory boards.

VERIZON/Operations Assurance and Excellence
1998 – 2000 Program One/Senior Project Manager
• Responsibilities included leading the effort to provide a standard operating environment (SOE) throughout the Verizon footprint as is required by the FCC Merger Agreement and to satisfy the “271” requirements for long distance entry.
• Was accountable for ensuring operational readiness processes and systems throughout the Verizon footprint. Additional duties included project managing system enhancements, new product testing, and deployment in the wholesale/resale line of business. This included Web GUI interfaces (EBI, EDI, RETAS/DCAS). Was the program manager for the introduction of ADSL-Line Sharing and was responsible for all operations and OSS issues.
• Developed and delivered training to central office personnel, field technicians and all levels of management concerning the new products and their impacts to the network.
• Was a member of the ATIS/ECIC standards body for trouble administration, as well as National Chairperson for Trouble Administration Standards ATIS/TCIF, and represented Verizon at all industry standard meetings for Trouble Administration.
• Was a member of the merger team for the Bell Atlantic GTE Merger. Duties required me to evaluate products and systems in each company for use in the new merged companies.

BELL ATLANTIC/Telesector Resources Group
1997 – 1998 Project Manager - Switch Unbundling/Wholesale Operations
• Was the inside and outside plant SME for the introduction of Wholesale Unbundling in NYNEX and later Bell Atlantic.
• Responsibilities included the development of project plans and the implementation of the company-wide project to unbundled the switched network; the development of Methods & Procedures, job aids and process flows, and the implementation and continuous improvement of these processes.
• Determined the staffing levels, training requirements and develop training material to support these efforts in the core business.
• Identified system impacts, developed and delivered requirements to IS, and tested the systems delivery of information to Maintenance and Dispatch personnel.
• Responded to and resolved all Unbundling regulatory issues pertaining to switch operations.
• Was a member of the merger team for the Bell Atlantic /Nynex merger. Duties required me to evaluate products and systems in each company for use in the new merged companies

NYNEX/ Telesector Resources Group
1995 – 1997 Project Manager - Greater Metro Market Area Center Implementation
• Developed project plans for center construction, systems installation, staffing and operations. The center does surveillance, monitoring, provisioning and maintenance of the switched network (DMS and 5ESS) including the IOF network.
• Created methods and procedures, job aids, and process flows for the center and was responsible for budgeting and staffing requirements, developing training requirements and delivering training to technicians and management, disaster recovery, process improvement and continuous improvement to systems, processes and methods.
• Produced business cases and secured funding for system enhancements to support center operations.

NYNEX/Network Operations
1988 – 1995 Manager - Trunk Operations Test Center
• As the manager, was responsible for all areas of the center’s operations. The center consisted of 38 craft employees and eight mini-computers. Was responsible for the scheduling and budgeting of work in the center.
• Testing and maintaining of NYNEX’s trunking network Working with the corporate training team to develop and deliver training for DMS, 5ESS and Tandem switching technicians.
• Additional duties included system maintenance, load balancing of systems, defining system requirements, implementing upgrades, reporting to corporate officers and external regulatory agencies.

1996 - 1997 George Washington University - Masters Certificate Project Management
1994 - 1996 Wagner College - MBA/International Business
1991 - 1994 Audrey Cohen College - BPS/Management
Verizon -Received training in many Telecommunications related subjects, including 5E and DMS Trunking and Translations, Transmission Engineering, T1 – 3 Systems, Fiber Optics, Digital Services, DSL Services, XML, Database Analysis, Metrics etc. Also trained and proficient in the use of the full suite of MicroSoft Office Products.

Verizon Excellence Award 1999 Excellence to Customer Service – Trunk Transmission Testing Systems for Digital Technology
Verizon Excellence Award 2001 Line Sharing Product Introduction
Verizon Excellence Award 2002 Maintenance and Repair Systems Redesign
Verizon Excellence Award 2002 XML (tML) Standard Development for
Telecommunications Trouble Administration Systems